Vuza is a functional programming language of the Scheme family with several interesting new features. It almost implements the R4RS standard and adds extensions such as a Lisp-like macro system, an easy way to embded and extend the language using C/C++, a powerful set of primitives for musical/sound operations and UI creation (such as the bindings to Csound and FLTK) and so on. Vuza also have some support for object oriented programming and matrix arithmetics.

A presentation paper on the language will be presented at the ICMC-SMC 2014 joint conference in Athens in September.

For known bugs see the Bugs section; for more information please see also the Examples and the F.A.Q. sections.  

Build and installation

Installation Instructions Vuza uses the autotools building system, so to build and install it from source code you can do the following:
sudo make install
If you want to add the readline support you must have the library installed; you can do this by typing:
./configure --enable-readline
To also bind the bindings for FLTK (vuztk) and Csound (vuzcsnd) you must have the libraries installed; the check is only done during compilation. To enable them type:
./configure --enable-vuztk --enable-vuzcsnd
The garbage collection and dynamic checkings are on by default, so the default configuration is:
./configure --enable-gc --enable-checkings 
			--disable-readline --disable-vuztk --disable-vuzcsnd

More to come...

This project is still under development and the official release is estimated for may/june 2014. This project is a personal effort but we would like to thank: Anthony C. Hay and Leo Uino for their important support.

Disclaimer for software distribution


All software distributed from this domain has been designed and developed personally by+ Carmine Emanuele Cella and is released under the GPL license. All algorithms were originally conceived and developed by the author in C++. The only purpose of this software is pure research; UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE AUTHOR BE CONSIDERED RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE. You are allowed to freely use the software but you are kindly requested to give credit to the author for any published application.
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NB: this is a preliminary version

Ver. 0.1.0(source code)

Vuza is released under the GPL license; please visit GNU for more information.